How to beat the Sky TV price rise

Lynn Wright / 21 April 2016

Fed up with the prospect of bigger bill for your Sky TV package? Here’s what you can do about Sky’s price increase and how to get a better Sky TV package deal.

Sky has announced that the price of its Sky TV packages will rise by up to 8% from June 1, 2016. 

Sky says the price hike will fund new content and that average prices will rise by less than £3 per month, although this will depend on individual subscription packages.

Customers with the Original TV bundle will face the biggest increase of up to £30 a year, while those on the Variety, Family, Sky Q or Sky Q Silver bundle can expect to pay an extra £24 a year. 

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Sky plans to contact customers by April 29 by letter or email with details of the new charges. 

This is the third price increase Sky customers have endured in the last year. Sky TV customers were hit by a hike of up to £54 last June, followed by an inflation-busting rise in December for Sky phone and broadband customers.

If you don’t want to pay more for your Sky TV service, here’s what you can do:

Cancel your Sky TV contract

If you no longer want to subscribe to a Sky TV package and you’re outside your minimum contract term – usually 12 months – you can ditch your contract without paying a penalty charge. Call 03332 022 135 and give 31 days’ notice to cancel your subscription.

Even within your minimum contract term, you can cancel your contract but you’ll have to pay a fee to do so. How much depends on your package and how many months remain on your contract, but exit fees typically range from £3.24 to £25.99 per month left.

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Haggle to reduce your monthly fee

If you’re not ready to ditch Sky TV and are willing to haggle, you may be able to reduce your monthly subscription charge.

Simply call Sky and ask for a better deal. Don’t be put off haggling – Sky is one of the easiest companies to haggle with and encourages its customers to talk to them before ditching their contracts.

You don’t need to be outside or near the end of your minimum contract period, although you’ll be in a stronger negotiating position if you are.

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Here’s how to get a better Sky TV deal:

1. Work out exactly what TV channels you can live without. There’s no point paying extra for those you’re happy to ditch.

2. Check out Sky competitors’ prices for similar bundles. Make a note of cheaper deals.

3. Call Sky and tell them you want to end your contract because it costs too much. Say their rivals’ deals are cheaper. Be polite and ask what they can do to reduce your monthly bill. Don’t panic if they won’t offer a discount and agree to disconnect you. Simply say that you’ll call back to confirm before going ahead.

4. Try calling again at another time and speak to someone else. It’s rumoured that Sky staff have discount quotas, so you may have just been unlucky in speaking to someone who has already given out all their permitted discounts.

5. If you can’t get a discount, ask about downgrading your TV package. Removing channels that you don’t watch regularly may save money.

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