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03 numbers vs 08 numbers: which is cheaper?

27 November 2014 ( 18 March 2020 )

Is dialling an 03 number cheaper than dialling an 08 number? We take a look at the costs.

Retro telephones
A look at the real costs of 03 and 08 numbers

As more and more businesses change their 08 numbers to 03, some people unless they're especially quick off the mark may end up paying more to call the new numbers than the old ones.

Calls to 03 numbers from landlines are usually around 9p per minute, varying according to the time of day. You’ll find many providers will include times of the day when you can make calls for free as part of their package – so always choose your provider wisely.

Phoning an 03 number from a mobile can vary between 3p and 55p for a call lasting approximately one minute. Again, check with your mobile provider for the best deals, and any free minutes available.

08 number costs to the phone user are split into two parts: an access charge and a service charge. The access charge goes to your phone company, while whichever company you are calling sets the service charge.

The access charge can vary considerably depending which phone company you use; this can be from as little as 7p to the much more considerable 65p per minute. The service charge is typically between 0p and 7p per minute.

Always check with your phone provider and make a note of their particular pricing structures – and choose the ones which will most suit your needs.

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