Financial planning

Financial Planning

A financial planner will give you a financial MOT to help you work out whether you are on track to reach your goals. Saga Investment Services are provided by Tilney Investment Management Services Limited.

You can also get help on specific needs including retirement planning, estate planning and saving for children.

How does it work?

Financial planning involves an expert financial planner sitting down with you to establish what your goals are. Then, they will put a plan in place to achieve them. 

Saga Investment Services has a team of financial planners around the country who can give you all the expert financial advice you need. Their advice will be highly personalised and they can meet you face to face or, if you prefer, they’ll give you a call. You can also call on 0800 033 4000.

What are the benefits?

  • Quite simply, we're on your side. No other financial services company understands and is championing the over 50s in the way that we are. We’ll introduce you to financial planners who are experts in their field. Find out more about the financial planning service here.

  • You can have a free initial consultation with one of the experts. After that, a fee will be agreed with you in writing at the outset, usually between 1% and 3% of the assets you are looking to invest with Saga Investment Services. 

  • Saga Investment Services has a huge range of free guides and factsheets that give you lots more information about the different situations you might face with your finances and how we can help you to make the most of your money. 

  • It’s quick and easy to find and speak to your nearest financial planner. Just find your local office here. You can also book your free initial consultation here or simply by calling 0800 033 4000

Frequently asked questions

Who can give financial advice?

Someone who gives financial advice must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and hold a qualification that the FCA recognises. The FCA regulates financial services companies. 

Is it worth paying for financial advice?

Paying for financial advice might not be for everyone, because if your financial life is simple and your knowledge covers everything you need day-to-day, you might not want expert help. But if you have a specific need a planner could come in handy – while it will cost you at the time, if you choose the right financial planner, in the long run it should more than pay for itself.

What’s the difference between a financial planner, a financial adviser, an IFA and a wealth manager?

Although there are different names for these positions, they are all similar roles. Financial planning is often referred to as wealth management, wealth planning or financial advice. Investment advisers and investment managers are different however and provide paid-for advice on specific investments. 

Important Information

The value of investments, and the income derived from them, can go down as well as up and you can get back less than you originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Prevailing tax rates and relief are dependent on your individual circumstances and are subject to change. This website does not provide personal investment advice. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of an investment, we recommend you should seek professional financial advice from Saga Investment Services powered by Tilney Bestinvest.

Who are the providers?

Saga Investment Services is powered by Tilney and is an Appointed Representative of Tilney Investment Management Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Each company is registered in England & Wales.

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